• Banking Calendar

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      The data provides Finnish National Bank Holidays when banks are closed, in two sets: All National Bank Holidays and National Bank Holidays, when TARGET system is open.

  • Loans and deposits of Finnish residents

    The data set provides information on loans and deposits, collected from credit institutions. The data covers loans and deposits in all currencies, converted into euro. Data are available on stocks, new drawdowns, new agreements and annualised agreed rates. Loans to households are broken down by the purpose of loan. For consumer credit, there is also information on the type of collateral. New drawdowns of loans to non-financial corporations are broken down by the size of loan. Deposits are broken down in deposits with agreed maturity, investment deposits and overnight deposits.

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  • Reference Rates

    The exchange rates are euro reference rates published by the European central bank. The reference rates are published daily at about 5 PM Finnish time, when the TARGET system is open. The reference rates are published for the information of the public and different institutions but not as a basis for trade.